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Video: HS Pitcher Consoles Childhood Friend Instead Of Celebrating With Teammates After Clinching State Title Berth

hs pitcher skips celebrating with teammates to console childhood friend

Sports can be truly, truly awesome sometimes. We got a great example of this in a video of a high school baseball game that's going viral today.

A high school pitcher clinched his team's state championship berth with a game-ending strikeout, but instead of celebrating with his teammates, he ran to the batter he had just struck out and consoled him.

That batter was his close childhood friend.

The pitcher and batter embraced near home plate, hugging while the pitcher's teammates celebrated feet away.

Here's another angle:

Bring Me The News has more details on what happened:

After striking out Jack Kocon for the final out to send Mounds View to State, pitcher Ty Koehn made a beeline for the beaten batter and embraced him, all while his teammates rushed the field, celebrating wildly.

But there's a story behind this act of tremendous sportsmanship, the pair are old friends and have known each other since childhood.

"We are very close friends," Koehn told BMTN. "I knew him from all the way back when we were 13. We were on the same little league team. It was tough when we went to separate schools but we kept in touch."

"I knew the game was going to keep going or it was going to end right there," Koehn added. "I knew I had to say something. Our friendship is more important than just the silly outcome of a game. I had to make sure he knew that before we celebrated."

"It was more instinct, it just felt right."

Well done, Ty. He's a player everyone should have an easy time rooting for going forward.