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Video: Japanese Football Game Has One Of The Dirtiest Hits You'll Ever See

A dirty hit in a japanese football game

A Japanese football game had one of the dirtiest hits we've seen in the sport. A defender appeared to attempt to injure the opposing team's quarterback with a vicious hit.

The game, played between Nihon University and Kwansei Gakuin University, took place in Tokyo. It happened on May 6, but the play is still making the rounds with various media outlets.

The play featured a a Nihon University defensive player going after the Kwansei Gakuin University quarterback, despite the fact that the QB was nowhere near the ball.

The defender hit the quarterback low. Both of his knees appeared to buckle. He had to be helped off the field with what appeared to be a serious injury.

Video of the play can be seen below. It's tough to watch.

Here's a release on the play from a Japanese media outlet:

Kwansei Gakuin officials say the tackle was made to intentionally hurt another player, and was an extremely dangerous and vicious foul. They also referred to comments made by Nihon University's head coach, claiming they could be interpreted to mean such an act was permissible.

They have sent a letter of protest to Nihon University, demanding an apology to the injured player and a retraction of the head coach's comments. Nihon University's American football team published an apology on its website. It says the team is deeply sorry for causing a serious concern and inconvenience.

It also says the team is taking the incident seriously, and will push for thorough training of students to prevent it from happening again.

Full details of the play can be seen here. The quarterback is expected to make a full recovery.