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Video: Jim Harbaugh Tells His Daughter To 'Suck It Up,' Wife Gets Mad

Jim Harbaugh wearing glasses.

If you had to sum up Jim Harbaugh in one word, "intense" would probably be a good choice. Michigan's head football coach is always taking things very seriously. He's a football guy in the truest sense.

We saw a great example of this in the Wolverines' new documentary that debuted on Amazon Prime. "All of Nothing: The Michigan Wolverines" was released on the streaming service earlier this week. It features a great clip of Harbaugh and his family.

Harbaugh and his wife, Sarah, are sitting in what looks like Michigan's football facility with their 6-year-old daughter, Katie, who's having something done to her ear.

"Suck it up, Katie," Harbaugh says.

His wife does not appreciate this.

"Jim, she's 6 years old," Sarah replies.

Harbaugh laughs. Check it out:

That was pretty great. Here's some more information on the documentary, from the Detroit Free-Press:

The university was paid $1.5 million from The Montag Group — the producer of the series — for access/licensing and an additional $750,000 (from TMG) for site access. The school also had heavy editing rights per a contract, which meant it could scrap anything it didn't like.

Still, the eight-part documentary — available now via Amazon Prime — does its best to paint a portrait of what was an incredibly challenging season it was for Jim Harbaugh's Wolverines while also getting deeper behind the scenes with some of the personalities inside the program.

The behind-the-scenes documentary can be seen here.