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Video: Kansas High Schooler Commits Dirty Play

Kansas high school player pushes opponent.

Move over Grayson Allen, there's a new dirtiest player in the country. Even After Grayson Allen made headlines for what many deemed to be a dirty play on Friday night against North Carolina, there's an even dirtier play from the night that tops Allen's.

The title of dirtiest player in basketball now belongs to a Kansas high schooler. During Hanover's victory over Centralia in the Kansas 1A-I high school semifinals, Thomas Atkins raced down the court for a fast break basket.

Instead of throwing it down, he was pushed from behind and landed in a very compromising position. Here's the play in question.

It's amazing Atkins wasn't seriously hurt, but even more surprising was the punishment, or lack thereof, for the Centralia player who pushed Atkins. He was assessed a flagrant foul, but was not ejected from the game.

Atkins left the game for a brief moment, but returned for his team's overtime victory.