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Video: Maine Softball Player Alyssa Derrick Has An Insane Arm

Alyssa Derrick might be playing the wrong sport.

Maine sophomore softball player Alyssa Derrick, who was the America East Rookie of the Year in 2016, plays outfield for the Black Bears. It looks like all those long throws in have paid off in a big way.

This week, video of Derrick throwing a football in a parking lot has gone viral. Derrick, despite wearing street clothes, was able to throw the ball what appears to be nearly half the length of a football field.

We're not sure of the official size of the ball, but it's ridiculously impressive regardless.

Check it out:

For the record, Derrick is 6-foot-3 - which obviously helps.

It turns out she's a beast at the plate too. This past season, she hit 15 home runs. She's having quite a year.