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Video: Massive Brawl Involving MLB Players Breaks Out

A bunch of baseballs with the MLB logo on it in a net.

(Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

A massive brawl involving current and former MLB players broke out during a game in Venezuela.

The brawl, which reportedly involved St. Louis Cardinals' first baseman Jose Martinez, Chicago White Sox shortstop Jose Rondon, Milwaukee Brewers' starting pitcher Junior Guerra and Philadelphia Phillies' second baseman Gregorio Petit, appeared to break out when a player had pitches thrown behind him.

Things got ugly from there.

Check it out:

Yahoo! Sports had more details:

It all started moments earlier when Perez charged the hill after Cavanerio fired two of three pitches behind him during his ninth-inning at-bat. Perez charged and fired his helmet at Cavanerio before tumbling to the ground. Cavanerio fired back with a kick that appeared to catch Perez in the chest or stomach.

It wasn’t immediately clear what led Cavanerio to throw behind the batter, but the pitches reportedly looked intentional. The initial action sequence ignited a massive scrum that moved around the home plate area for roughly 30 seconds before seemingly calming down.

Then Perez jumped back in and utter chaos erupted.

You can view the full report here.