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Video: Memphis Tricks QB Jacob Karam Into Receiving Allstate AFCA Good Works Team Award

A great story.

In late July, we wrote about Memphis QB Jacob Karam, who is probably known more for his off-the-field kindness than he is for his football performances. He routinely visits St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital and plays the piano with children as they sing along -- and he does it all without being prompted, never touting who he actually is.

Earlier this week, Memphis lured him to St. Jude's, telling him he could take part in a sports-themed event for patients -- of course, Karam was thrilled to join in. However, when he arrived, he found out that he was actually being honored for his good deeds, and was receiving an Allstate AFCA Good Works Team award:

While his acceptance speech is pretty short, it's really cool to see him receive the award -- it's obvious that it does mean a lot to him and he loves spending time with the St. Jude's children.

Congratulations on the award, Jacob, you've earned it.