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Video: Mia Khalifa Gets Escorted Out Of Last Night's Dodgers Game

Mia Khalifa kicked out of Dodgers game.

The former pornstar turned sports personality got escorted out of the game.

Did Mia Khalifa get kicked out of last night's Dodgers-Cubs game?


The former pornstar-turned-sports personality was in attendance at the game in Los Angeles with a male companion.

A video shows her getting escorted out of her seats by security as some members in the crowd booed.

The reasoning for this is unclear. Khalifa seemed to address some of the rumors, saying it's "fake news."

Khalifa is set to host a new sports show with Gilbert Arenas, so maybe this was another ploy for publicity.

(Her and Arenas made fake DMs go viral earlier this month, a day before their show was announced.)