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Video: MMA Fighter Shows Off Nasty Injury She Sustained During Fight

Julia Avila shows off brutal injury she sustained during fight.

If you didn't know, mixed martial arts is a dangerous sport. Injuries are commonplace, though the firghters themselves usually handle it pretty well. Count Julia Avila among them.

Avila suffered an absolutely brutal injury to her finger in her bout against Marciea Allen. At Friday’s Invicta FC 29, Avila was parrying kicks from Allen when one of the kicks slid up and his Avila in the hand, mangling her finger.

Avila took to social media to show the extent of the injury. If you're squeamish, now might be a good time to look away.


There's definitely some bone sticking out there.

Talk about being a true warrior.

Avila will likely miss significant time as she recovers from the devastating injury, but she's taking it in stride.