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Video Of An Airplane Fist Fight Is Going Viral

Two people fighting on an airplane.

Video of a fist fight that took place on an airplane is going viral on Tuesday afternoon.

The below video, shot by Twitter user @CoreyHour, shows two men fighting on an airplane ahead of a scheduled flight from Japan to the United States on Monday night. The clip, which shows over a minute's worth of fist fighting between the two men, is going viral on Tuesday afternoon.

According to FOX 11, one of the men was arrested and charged with assault by Japanese police. Here's more:

No one is sure what triggered the incident, but the man in the red shirt was believed to have been intoxicated and resisted when asked to leave the plane. He then reportedly struck a female passenger before a verbal argument began with the other man wearing a dark colored shirt.

The Twitter user who took the video also dropped a number of tweets to add context to the situation.

Hopefully, nobody wound up injured from the altercation. For the record, the plane eventually took off - an hour and a half later.