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Video Of LeBron At His Son's AAU Game Is Going Viral

lebron james at lakers summer league

LeBron James has been making a lot of headlines for his activity at his son's AAU games over the past couple of days. His oldest son, LeBron James Jr., has been playing in some high-profile games and his dad has been there to watch.

A video of LeBron James pulling off something sweet during his son's team's warmups has been going viral on social media.

"Who’s the big kid with the hat??" joked one Twitter user.

Check it out:

Yeah, that kid is definitely not 14. Here's another angle:

That's ridiculous. And it's a reminder of how disappointing it is that LeBron never did the NBA's Dunk Contest. It's too late for that to happen now, but you do wish that LeBron had decided to do the event when he was in his early 20s.