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Video Of NFL Network's Colleen Wolfe At Eagles' Parade Going Viral

Colleen Wolfe on NFL Network.

So, this is embarrassing.

Philadelphia held its Super Bowl parade for the Eagles today. Of course, it was not without a ton of craziness.

There was fighting between fans. There was climbing on stuff that shouldn't be climbed.

There was romance. There was drinking.

The most-embarrassing moment, though, came from an NFL Network employee. She was caught singing along to something she probably shouldn't have.

NFL Network host Colleen Wolfe was singing along to a Cardi B song. She was doing it during a break, but the cameras captured it anyway.

Singing along to a song is fine, but Cardi B isn't the easiest to sing along to. Wolfe learned this the hard way.

Check this out:

Yikes. Wolfe addressed it on Twitter. "This was during a break and omg things sound so much better in my head," she wrote. That makes sense.