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Video Of This Gigantic Gator On A Golf Course Is Going Viral

Alligator strolls across a South Carolina golf course.

Dinosaurs are extinct. At least that's what we thought before a monstrous alligator decided to ruin our dream of never running into a dinosaur in public.

Video of an enormous gator walking across the Ocean Creek Golf Course at Fripp Island is going viral and it's easy to see why.

Imagine you head out for a quick 18 and you're midway through your round when this ungodly creature happens across the fairway.

Check it out.

The family of deer is clearly wondering how that gator survived the dinosaur extinction.

Perhaps this is part of the new Jurassic Park film, but if not, we'd probably run immediately in the opposite direction. The video crew over at Eat Sleep Play Beaufort in South Carolina have more courage than we do.

What would you do if this gator crossed your path?