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A College Pitcher Just Made One Of The Worst Throws You'll Ever See

An Ole Miss pitcher making a terrible throw.

On Thursday afternoon during an SEC Championship elimination game, a pitcher made an inexplicable error that led to two game-tying runs.

Ole Miss pitcher Parker Caracci, a redshirt sophomore, found himself in the top of the eighth inning with two men onboard and a full count. Perhaps the stress of that situation led to what happened after his pitch was grounded right back to him.

Caracci caught a bouncer then went home instead of going for the force-out at first base. He then launched the ball over the catcher's head.

Check it out.

Why did he go home with the ball? There was no force-out, as there were only two runners on base at the time. This play could have lived on in infamy within the minds of Ole Miss fans and Carraci himself. However, he was bailed out in the bottom of the tenth inning when his teammate grounded one up the middle and the Rebels walked it off.

Carraci must have breathed a huge sigh of relief.