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Video: Rams Coach Sean McVay Shows Off His Incredible Memory

Sean McVay shows off his memory.

It's hard to find an offensive mind more impressive than Sean McVay. Since the Los Angeles Rams made the move to hire the young coach, they've been a legitimate contender in the NFC.

The majority of NFL fans already knew McVay is a play-calling genius, but the Rams coach decided to show off his fantastic memory for good measure.

During a segment with Bleacher Report's Adam Lefkoe and Chris Simms, McVay was given scenarios during his coaching career. His objective was simple yet challenging: recite the play call that was made.

Somehow, Mcvay found zero trouble in recalling those plays.

After further review, it's might be time to anoint McVay as the Einstein of football.

McVay deserves a ton of appreciation for remembering his time as the offensive coordinator in Washington. Whether it's a wheel route or touchdown, it seems impossible for him to forget a moment in his coaching career.