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Video: Red Sox Fan Throws, Hits Giancarlo Stanton Throwing Back Home Run Ball

Red Sox fan hits Stanton.

We had a Rookie of the Year moment in Major League Baseball on Saturday. A fan made one of the better throws we've seen this season after a home run.

Yankees slugger Giancarlo Stanton hit his 38th home run of the season at Fenway Park, blasting one over the Green Monster. But a fan, presumably of the Red Sox based on his actions, got the last word.

The fan wound up and threw the ball back as Stanton was rounding the bases, hitting him as he rounded second base. It was an incredibly impressive throw - both for the distance and the accuracy.

Here's video, which obviously is going viral. There's no word on whether the fan will face any kind of repercussions. Stanton, for what it's worth, didn't seem to take issue with it. He was probably impressed himself.

The Yankees need one more victory to reach 100 on the season, but it's the Red Sox who wound up winning the AL East. As a result, New York will need to knock off the Oakland Athletics in a winner-takes-all game on Wednesday night to stay alive for the divisional round.

The Yankees and Red Sox will finish up their seasons on Sunday.