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Video: Ryen Russillo Addresses Danny Kanell's Departure On His Radio Show

Ryen Russillo on ESPN.

Ryen Russillo opened up about Danny Kanell's departure from ESPN on Monday.

Danny Kanell was one of a reported 100 people laid off by ESPN last week, and Monday, his former radio co-host carved out a few minutes to send him off with a proper goodbye. Ryen Russillo, who teamed up with Kanell for the Russillo and Kanell Show the past two years, got a bit emotional about the network's decision.

Here's video.

We've also transcribed it below.

"It's really important to me to do this first segment solo to talk about my partner who's not here - Danny Kanell. Before we go too far down that road, I'm sure there are some people that work here that are very important. I think you understand that I have respect for you. And you may wonder - why the hell is he even doing this? Well I'm doing it because, if you can just allow me this, since I'm asking for permission. This radio deal is far more intimate than anything else I think you do here.

This is not me just shifting responsibilities or reporting from a different city, covering a different team or having a different television lineup. I was in a relationship with Danny Kanell for almost two years, okay? I was in a room with him every day for four to five hours. Now I come in Monday and because of everything that's happened, and I get why it happens - we can not like it, we can be disappointed, we can be sad. We can also understand the real facts of business that things happen. Unfortunately for those of us at ESPN, these things play out far more publicly than any other bank with layoffs.

So I turn to my right and my guy DK is gone. So I just want to talk about it a little bit. Because all the people who have invested time over the years listening to me in this slot for eight plus years with Scott and then Danny, knowing that this is a little more intimate. I just want to tell you I'm bummed.

I'm bummed. He's not here. I get it. But he's got a family. It's one of those deals where you go - what happens at work, like, I'm probably not going to see Danny anymore. He's going to move. He's going to be fine. That's just the way life works. We're all kind of interchangeable parts here.

From a human aspect of it, I'm not complaining, I'm not doing the whole thing, I'm just going to miss my friend. I'm going to miss his beautiful three daughters, his awesome wife Court, and knowing that he did care a lot and knowing the hours he put in in the fall. And now I'm looking to my right and he's not there."

Russillo also revealed that he thought he was going to be laid off leading up to last Wednesday. He said he was already looking at real estate in California as a result.