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Video Shows Referees Might Have Blown Huge Call In Patriots-Jaguars

Myles Jack making a tackle.

This could end up looming large.

The AFC Championship Game is coming down to the final minutes. The Patriots just scored a touchdown to cut the Jaguars lead to 20-17. We've got less than 8 minutes to go.

A missed call by the officials might end up looming incredibly large in this one. The refs appeared to blow a huge call earlier in the quarter.

Jacksonville linebacker Myles Jack made arguably the defensive play of the postseason when he stripped Dion Lewis on a trick play. He recovered the ball and the play was ruled dead.

It probably shouldn't have been blown dead, though. It doesn't look like anyone touched him.

Jack had a wide open field in front of him and he might have scored a touchdown if the refs hadn't blown their whistles. The Jaguars could really use those points.

Jacksonville went 3 and out on its ensuing possession. If Jack hadn't been ruled down, they probably would have got at least a field goal.

Here's the replay. You be the judge:

It really doesn't seem like he was touched. Hopefully that doesn't end up costing Jacksonville.

New England and Jacksonville are currently playing on CBS.