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Snake On A Plane: Viper Reportedly Spotted On Aeromexico Flight

A viper on a plane hangs out in the overhead compartment.


A snake decided to take to the skies as it boarded an Aeromexico flight bound for Mexico City.

What do you worry about most when taking a flight from one location to another? A bad in-flight meal? Lost luggage? Maybe even missing the flight? Well, on this Aeromexico flight from Torreon to Mexico City, there was reportedly another very real danger to be worried about.


That's right, straight out of the Samuel L. Jackson movie, Snakes on a Plane, comes the true story of one snake's journey through the skies. Check out this terrifying video:

According to the Daily Mail, the snake was a five-foot long Viper, which is of the poisonous variety. Although Samuel L. Jackson was not there to combat the snake, no one was harmed during this real-life story. A professor on the flight reportedly handled it with a blanket.

The plane received priority to land in Mexico City, so at least there was one benefit to having a poisonous and terrifying snake aboard your domestic flight.