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Video: This Is The Best Truck-Stick Run Of The NFL's Season

Kerryon Johnson runs with the ball.

Last Sunday, the Detroit Lions had their first 100-yard rusher in years, as Kerryon Johnson ran wild on the Patriots. This week, the former Auburn star is leaving defenders face first in the turf.

Although the Lions are currently trailing against the Cowboys, Johnson is giving his best effort to spark a comeback.

Dallas' defense has done a fantastic job of shutting down running lanes, but they couldn't stop Johnson in the red zone. Not only did he take it to the house for six, but he also trucked Jeff Heath in the process.

Well, this is undoubtedly the most violent run of the season.

Johnson showed no mercy on that play, as Heath will probably feel the effects of that hit later this week.

The Lions will need more production from their rookie tailback in the final moments of the fourth quarter. As of right now, the Cowboys lead 23-17.

The game is available on FOX.