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Video: Umpire Getting Crushed For Ejecting Baseball Player

Umpire yells at Washington Nationals' Anthony Rendon.

The goal of a Major League Baseball umpire to is call balls and strikes. His/her ultimate goal should be to remain invisible, calling the game evenly on both sides. However, every now and then, an umpire gets a little too boisterous, and inserts his or herself into the contest.

That's what happened on Saturday afternoon as the Washington Nationals took on the New York Mets. A player on the Nationals was ejected from the game. Now, that might not sound like news, as baseball players (or managers) are ejected all the time for arguing balls and strikes.

However, Anthony Rendon didn't make a peep, but still got ejected.

Take a look.

Perhaps the ump was a miffed due to Rendon's little bat-flip, but that doesn't warrant an ejection.

In the end, Rendon was tossed from the game and his Nationals lost 3-2. The loss moves Washington to 4-4 on the season after losing four-straight.

Do you think this was the right call?