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Video: Yankees Fan Gets Tackled After Running Onto Field

A yeankees fan gets tackled near second base

On tuesday night the New York Yankees took the field against the Minnesota Twins. Over the course of nine innings, the Yankees crushed four home runs and showcased their ridiculous offense en route to win No. 13 on the season.

However, most of the talk after the game had nothing to do with the players. A fan decided to take his talents onto the field and try to upstage Aaron Judge and company. The only probolem for him?

He lacked the speed required to outrun the security team.

The fan got tackled near second base.

Check it out.

We're sure this fan will be banned from the park for a while, if not forever.

New York went on to win the contest, despite the distraction. The Yankees piled up four homers, two by Gary Sanchez, en route to an 8-3 win.

Is this kind of stunt every really worth it?