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Video: Yankees, Red Sox Brawl As They Clear The Benches Again

Yankees and Red Sox players get ready to brawl


The Yankees and the Red Sox had a benches-clearing moment earlier in tonight's game. They just did it again in the 7th inning and this one resulted in a brawl.

The 7th inning brawl was a result of Boston's Joe Kelly drilling New York's Tyler Austin. The Yankees' hitter had a hard slide into second base earlier this evening. That's what prompted the earlier benches-clearing incident, though that one was more tame.

Here's video of the brawl. It did not take very long for it to get going.

Video: Yankees, Red Sox get into brawl in the 7th inning

As you can tell, punches were thrown and several players were taken to the ground. You can bet on some suspensions resulting from this one. Here's what happened earlier in the game: The benches cleared after a slide into second base by the Yankees. New York's Tyler Austin slid hard into second base. He made some contact with Red Sox Brock Holt. This was the slide:

The 7th inning brawl between the Yankees and the Red Sox lasted for a while, too. It came with the Yankees leading, 10-6.