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Vikings Beat Saints On Miraculous Last-Second Touchdown

Stefon Diggs running for a touchdown.

Minnesota just advanced to the NFC Championship Game in insane fashion.

Two seasons ago, Minnesota's season ended on a heartbreaking missed field goal. Today, the Vikings' season stayed alive with a miraculous ending.

The Vikings beat the Saints, 29-24, on a last-second touchdown pass from Case Keenum to Stefon Diggs.

The last few minutes of this afternoon's contest was simply insane.

Minnesota took the lead with less than 2 minutes to play on a 50-yard plus field goal. The Vikings left some time on the clock, though, and Drew Brees made them play. He led the Saints on a game-leading field-goal drive.

Keenum had a little bit of time to work with, though.

Minnesota had the ball down one with 25 seconds left. Keenum completed a 19 yard pass to Diggs. After a couple of incomplete passes, Keenum completed a 61-yard pass to Diggs for a touchdown.

Diggs thought someone was going to be around him, but nobody was. He galloped into the endzone with ease.

Check it out:

The Vikings will take on the Eagles in the NFC Championship Game next Sunday.