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Vince McMahon Likely Won't Appear On WWE Anymore For An Unfortunate Reason

Vince McMahon appears on WWE Raw.

WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon has spent decades in the spotlight - building up the WWF/WWE into one of the most successful entertainment companies in the world. In the process, he's made himself a celebrity by injecting himself and his family into the company's storylines.

It looks like, however, McMahon is starting to wind down his participation - at least on television - in the company. McMahon has been on the show's programs less and less over the past few years, and this week, it was made clear why.

This week, on Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez noted that McMahon, who is now 72 years old, looks old on television. Dave Meltzer added that that's the reason McMahon is being shown less.

Clearly, McMahon knows he looks old. He prefers to have his daughter Stephanie, and his son-in-law, Triple-H, be the faces of the company moving forward.

“That’s why he doesn’t want to be on television. They pretty much made them [Stephanie & Triple H] the faces of the company, not Vince anymore. When they did the negotiations and everything, it was not Vince that was involved in those negotiations for the TV deals.”

McMahon, who is a third-generation wrestling promoter, is worth approximately $3.2 billion. He's done an incredible job building up the business.

Oddly enough, McMahon did appear on RAW last week. That said, it isn't likely to become a weekly occurence.

It'll be interesting to see if McMahon's children (and son-in-law) can eventually take the business over seamlessly.