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Want To Be On ESPN? Here's How Samantha Steele Landed Her Job

Not how you'd expect.

Samantha Steele is ESPN's new College GameDay sweetheart, and many of you are probably wondering where she came from. So how did Miss Steele get that lucky break with ESPN? Was it her extensive GameDay knowledge? Did beau Christian Ponderhelp her out? Actually, It's none of the above.

According to an interview with the Sun Sentinel yesterday, Samantha got her job by working at a restaurant. With no connections, Steele thought her best bet at getting a job was going straight to the "source" -- ESPN Zone in Times Square.

As a hostess, she got lucky and met some people who worked for ABC Radio. She got an internship with the company, and from there it's history. With connections, a job at Fox sports, and a lot of thinking on her toes, ESPN hired her for its Texas Longhorns network. When Erin Andrews left, Steele was good enough (not to mention good-looking enough) to land the job as the new host of College GameDay.

So if you want to be a famous broadcaster, try working at ESPN Zone. After all, it worked for Samantha Steele.