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The Washington Redskins' Horrendous Clock Management Cost Them At Least 3 Points

A picture taken during a Redskins Giants game.


The New York Giants are leading the Washington Redskins 21-16 at halftime. The score should be at least three points closer.

That's because the 'Skins absolutely mangled the end of the half with horrendously bad clock management. After a long completion to Jordan Reed gave them 1st-and-goal at the 4-yard line, Washington elected not to use its final timeout.

Instead, the Redskins spiked the ball, but in the process let more than 10 seconds run off the clock. A second down pass from Kirk Cousins was incomplete, leaving them with 3rd-and-goal and six seconds and one timeout to work with.

Then, this happened.

Yup, that's Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul coming in for the sack, and that's Cousins using up all six seconds. No points for the 'Skins.

Washington better hope that missed opportunity doesn't come back to haunt them.