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Watch Cincinnati's Mick Cronin Snap At A Reporter After Shocking NCAA Tournament Loss

Mick Cronin gets angry with reporter following loss to Nevada.

The NCAA Tournament gave us a lot of shocking results over the past couple of days. Few were more shocking than what happened during the Cincinnati-Nevada game.

The Bearcats, which were looking like a Final Four favorite, blew a 22-point lead to the No. 7-seeded Wolf Pack.

Cincinnati is going home. Nevada is continuing to dance.

After the game, Cincinnati head coach Mick Cronin was unsurprisingly frustrated. He appeared to take out some of his frustration on a reporter.

Cronin snapped at a reporter after being asked if this was a loss that was going to keep him up at night.

"You come up with that question by yourself?" Cronin replied. "You kidding me?"


You can watch the full exchange below:

Cronin clearly didn't appreciate the question.

"I didn't go to sleep yet. Did you come up with that question by yourself?" Cronin said. "Call me tomorrow. I'll tell you if it keeps me awake at night. I answered the question. You asked if it kept me awake. I hadn't been asleep yet. Come on, man. You kidding me?"

This was one of Cincinnati's best teams in years. The Bearcats end the year in disappointment, though.

Nevada moves onto the Sweet 16, where it'll face Loyola-Chicago.