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Watch: Colorado News Anchor Vomits On-Air After Eating World's Hottest Chip

Colorado news anchors eat the world's hottest chip on live TV.

This looked painful.

A handful of morning anchors on the Channel 2 Daybreak show in Colorado elected to take on a pretty serious challenge earlier today.

The group participated in the #OneChipChallenge, which consists of eating the world's hottest chip made with the Carolina Reaper pepper.

Of the five people who tried it, Natalie Tysdal struggled the most. She vomited on the air behind the news desk, and judging by the update she posted on her Facebook page, that wasn't the only aftereffect this challenge had on her.

"So, what really happened on TV this morning with the “one chip challenge?” I thought I was okay until I had a drink of my coffee to wash down the chip. I threw up, couldn’t breathe and felt like fire was coming out of my mouth, nose and ears. I had a bottle of water, a glass of milk, a tablespoon of honey and 3 mints and still felt on fire. An hour later I had chills and a massive headache. Three hours have gone by and I feel like I was beat up in a dark alley. Oh, and did I mention I shared the chip with my producer Scott Elliott? CRAZY! I wouldn’t recommend it."

Dangerously Hot Chip

Natalie Tysdal proves hot chips CAN be dangerous. Watch and keep watching Natalie's reaction to the One Chip Challenge. Does this make you want to try Paqui Chips?!

Posted by Channel 2 Daybreak on Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Ouch. That's pretty brutal.

If you watched this video and decided you want to take on this challenge, click here.

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