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WATCH: Two Golfers Have A Bizarre Fight On A Colorado Golf Course

Warning: Don't tee off while the the group ahead of you is still on the green. Someone might punch you in the face.

Getting a bit antsy when the group ahead takes forever to tee up is definitely understandable. We've all been there. But whacking your ball straight towards the group ahead of you is probably a bit aggressive.

Nevertheless, one guy in Colorado decided to express his anger that way, and the result was actually weirder than the instigating action.

I guess you can't say golf is always lame.

One of the men in the slow group engaged in a bizarrely civilized, trained brawl, like they were following assigned steps or something.

And despite totally sucker punching each other, neither fighter seemed to actually get hurt.

After a few moments, the guys apparently called it quits, shook hands and returned to their respective games like nothing had happened.

You can watch the encounter here, courtesy of an amused onlooker.

Maybe they didn't want to destroy their golfing outfits, but this is hands down probably one of the wimpiest fights ever caught on camera. However, the golf course setting is pretty clutch.

Decorum, ladies and gentlemen. This is a country club, after all.