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Watch: LaVar Ball Ripped His Son LaMelo Following An AAU Loss

LaVar Ball gives speech to AAU team.

Looks like LaVar Ball is capable of criticizing his sons as well as hyping them up.

Ball is known for talking up the abilities of his sons, particularly Lonzo and LaMelo. However, the latter got an earful from his dad after an AAU loss.

In the video below, LaVar critiques the whole team but lays into LaMelo in particular. Among other things, he criticizes his son for laziness and bad defense.

"You are the weakest link we have on defense on the fact that you don't move," Ball said, via Bleacher Report. "Until you learn to be like your brother and play both ends, we are going to be a sorry team."

Warning: the video contains NSFW language.

Everybody needs some tough love every once in a while.