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Watch: Texas Football Is Featured In Brand-New Madden 2018 Story Mode

Madden 2018 will feature this college football program in a new story mode.

Sports video games have been featuring first-person, story modes for a while now. NBA 2K is known for its MyPlayer mode, while FIFA has The Journey.

Now, Madden 2018 is getting involved with the football franchise's first-ever story mode, entitled Longshot.

Per Polygon, the main character will be a quarterback named Devin Wade. He used to play for the University of Texas but has been away from the game a few years.

Here is the trailer, which includes Academy Award-winning actor Mahershala Ali as the protagonist's father. It also looks like Oregon is featured in the game as Texas' opponent.

This is an enticing new mode for Madden fanatics, and the appearance of the University of Texas is big for a couple of reasons.

First off, Longhorn fans will like seeing their team mentioned in such a major way. Every little bit of publicity helps. Secondly, it keeps hope alive that one day EA Sports will resurrect its popular college football game.