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Wendell Carter Avoids 5th Foul On Questionable Call Late

Wendell Carter wasn't called for what looked like a foul here.

Wendell Carter Jr. might have gotten away with a foul late against Kansas.

Duke star Wendell Carter Jr. has been playing much of the second half against Kansas with four fouls - and he's a bit lucky that he didn't pick up his fifth with about five minutes to play.

Carter, trying to beat Kansas forward Svi Mykhailiuk to the baseline, bumped him a bit, which caused a dribble to go out of bounds.

Carter was not called for a foul. Instead, they called it a turnover on Mykhailiuk.

Here's video:

Predictably, college basketball fans figured Duke was getting a fortunate call.

Duke currently holds a 70-69 lead with 1:30 to play. Get to CBS.