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Wendy's Roasted McDonald's On Twitter During The Botched Super Bowl LII Ad

A screenshot of Wendy's Twitter.

We've got some burger chain-on burger chain crime during the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl LII has been full of action so far - at least, when the game itself has been on. There was actually a 12-second period in which there was no action at all during what appears to have been a botched ad placement.

Midway through the second quarter, NBC cut to commercial, only to have a black screen air for 12 seconds. Most assume it was a mistake - and that the network lost money as a result.

NBC has yet to comment on why viewers weren't shown an ad. We assume after the game, someone will reveal what happened. It may have cost the network a few million dollars.

Others saw the situation as an opportunity. Wendy's one of the major competitors for McDonald's took to Twitter to have a joke at the fellow burger joint's expense. Wendy's, which has been pushing their "never frozen" meat campaign, asked McDonald's on Twitter if it froze the screen.

Pretty clever. The tweet quickly went viral, getting thousands of retweets and likes in the first few minutes.

You can check out the 12 seconds of darkness here, in case you somehow missed it.

Here's the tweet from Wendy's. McDonald's has yet to respond. We assume something is coming though.

The Eagles currently lead the Patriots 15-12 near halftime. Wendy's currently leads McDonald's 1-0.