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College Spun Is Looking For Student Sports Writers

Join our team!

Last August, we launched a national college sports website to give students on-campus a chance to write about their school's sports program. With over 80 students signing up and writing since, we’re one of the fastest growing college sports sites on the web. We've grown from 30,000 pageviews in our first month to averaging over 400,000 pageviews per month in 2013. We're listed as a Google News source, we're part of the Yardbarker network (owned by Fox Sports) and we've been linked-to by almost every major sports site on the web.


Here’s why we’re doing this: College students need to build writing portfolios. Media is moving online, so writing for your school newspaper or magazine alone won’t cut it. Most big publishers, even the New York Times and ESPN, are focused on hiring web writers. These positions require experience generating traffic, creating frequent/quality content, building up Twitter followers, and getting as much exposure for yourself and your work as possible. It's a new media approach to college sports writing.

You can’t learn these skills in the classroom; you have to get out and start posting. College Spun writers have the opportunity to own their school’s sports coverage for a national publication. College Spun constantly pushes its best content to larger publications as well. 

We are looking to expand to all major sports schools. If you have any interest in becoming a writer for College Spun, please reach out to