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Here's What Cubs World Series Tickets Are Selling For

Cubs World Series tickets are going for an absurd price, but that shouldn't surprise anyone.

The Cubs host the Indians in Game 3 of the World Series tonight. It's the first World Series game at Wrigley Field since 1945 and that means tickets are going for an absurd amount of money.

Needless to say, even if the Cubs had played in the World Series, say in 2010, these ticket prices would still be outrageous, but maybe not this outrageous.

There are plenty of tickets for sale on at the moment and the prices are ranging anywhere for $1,775 a piece for standing room only tickets outside of right field to $8,855 a piece for club box infield seats one row from the Indians' dugout.

You could sit upper deck right behind home plate for a smooth $3,530.

While the ticket prices are certainly up there, the cover charges for bars and restaurants around Wrigley Field are just as outrageous.

Moran's is a very reasonably priced place, but tonight they are certainly stepping up their game:

To say people are ready for this game may be an understatement:

The Cubs will host the Indians in Game 4 on Saturday night and a handful of tickets are already listed on SeatGeek for well over $10,000. Club box infield seats behind the Cubs' dugout are listed at $17,200 each.

Cubs World Series tickets aren't cheap, to say the least.