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What Dwyane Wade Thinks LeBron Will Do In Free Agency

LeBron James rips into Charles Barkley.

No one seems to know what LeBron James is doing to do with his free agency decision. James himself doesn't even seem to know yet.

If there was someone who knew, though, it'd probably be James' close friend and former teammate, Dwyane Wade. The two are as close as any two NBA players and are constantly talking with each other.

Wade isn't revealing what exactly he thinks James will do, but he did say what he thinks the decision might come down to.

He doesn't think basketball will be as important as some other factors.

From the Miami Herald:

“For me I don’t think it’s a basketball thing,” Wade said. “Obviously this year he’s shown he can get to the Finals no matter what the circumstances are. So I don’t really think for him the basketball decision is ‘Oh, let me go team up with three All-Stars.’ I think at this point in his life it’s more so of a lifestyle thing. Where is my family going to be the most comfortable at? Where am I going to be the happiest at? Because basketball-wise he’s so great, he can take along whoever.”

What does this mean?

It could mean that Cleveland has a better chance of keeping James than people think. His family is clearly happy in Ohio and with his oldest son set to begin high school soon, maybe he won't want to uproot his family again.

It could also mean that Los Angeles could be the destination. James' owns multiple homes in L.A. and his family spends most of their summers in California.

Free agency begins on July 1.