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What Lindsey Vonn's Sponsors Think About Her Olympic Performance

Lindsey Vonn celebrating after a race.

Lindsey Vonn's 2018 Winter Olympics are not over yet - she's set to compete again tonight - but her best chance at winning a gold medal is. She failed to take home the gold in her best event, the downhill.

The United States skiing star took home the bronze medal in the event last night. It was a good accomplishment - she became the oldest alpine female skier to win a medal at the Winter Olympics - but obviously wasn't the ultimate goal.

Vonn's father thought she could have done better. He thinks she wasn't aggressive enough.

“It’s great skiing, but it reminds me of something that Buddy Werner used to say,” Kildow told USA Today Sports, referring to a US skier from the 1950s (and Talladega Nights). “He said there’s two places in the race, first and last, and I only want one of them.”

Vonn, 33, is one of the United States' most-popular Olympians. She has a number of major endorsement deals.

What do those sponsors think of her Winter Olympics performance? They're probably disappointed, according to ESPN business reporter Darren Rovell.

"If the Bronze is what Lindsey Vonn winds up with after 8 years, there won't be much for her sponsors Under Armour, Head, Red Bull, Oakley and Rolex to do now other than a retirement ad," he tweeted.

Rovell faced some criticism for this tweet, but he's right. When you pour a lot of money into an Olympic athlete, you want a gold medal to market. And Vonn isn't going to have one this time.

Vonn is set to go again tonight in the combined event. So, it's possible that she can take home a gold medal, but it'd be pretty shocking. She's not expected to contend.