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What Patrick Reed's Younger Sister Said About Him In 2016

Patrick Reed following through with a shot.

CHARLOTTE, NC - MAY 06: Patrick Reed plays his tee shot on the third hole during the final round of the 2018 Wells Fargo Championship at Quail Hollow Club on May 6, 2018 in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

By now, you've surely heard all about Patrick Reed and his reported estranged relationship with his family. Reed won The Masters on Sunday, but his parents and younger sister were nowhere in sight.

They were watching away from the course, not invited to attend. Reed reportedly hasn't spoken to his parents or younger sister in years.

It's unclear why exactly this is the case, though reports suggest that Reed's parents disapproved of him getting married at a young age. Since then, his wife, Justine, has alleged that Reed was not treated well growing up.

Reed's younger sister, Hannah, posted a message on Facebook regarding her brother back in 2016, when things were boiling over. She accused him of being a "horrible stranger."

Here's the full message:

“While many people may not know, I am Patrick Reed’s younger sister. Growing up, Patrick and I were closer than normal. Over the past few years, I have sat back and watched the numerous and disgusting accusations his wife, mother-in-law, and everyone now associated as his family, have made. Patrick is not the same person he use to be. He accused me of faking my two kidney surgeries to get him back into my life, completely disowned me, never wishing me a happy birthday, [congratulations] for graduating, [etc]. I have reached out to him various times and get no response. This is not a brother anymore, but a selfish, horrible stranger and it’s heartbreaking. He had an amazing life. My parents gave up everything for his dream of becoming a golfer. How can you win events and not thank your parents? They are the reason you even had your first golf lesson, went to events and spent tons of money so you would have the best possible chance of achieving your dream. There was never ever any abuse, mentally or physically, abuse of alcohol, or fist fights in the parking lot because he had a bad round. The fact that Patrick is allowing his new family to say that is insane. From growing up with him first hand, I know the truth.

I am sick and tired of Patrick, his new family, and the media portraying my family, especially my parents, as abusive and crazy people. It is devastating seeing my parents hurt and [suffering] from what is being posted about them. It is time for the media and everyone to understand the truth. How can his new family say these things when they weren’t even there? I was. It is time for the world to know how Patrick is continuing to play the victim. I never wanted to do this, but it is what’s right. If Patrick was the same person he used to be, then he would see it too. I don’t want your money or anything from you. None of my family does. The money you’re earning is based off lies. Money is not everything. At the end of the say, your character is what counts. The character you are living, Patrick Reed, is not how our parents raised us.”

This is clearly not a great situation. It doesn't sound like anything is going to be resolved anytime soon, either.

The next major golf championship, meanwhile, is the U.S. Open. It's set for mid-June in New York.