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Where The Big 12's Schools Would Land If The Conference Split Up

Where would the 10 schools in the Big 12 land if the conference split up?

There are many - including ESPN's Paul Finebaum - who believe that the Big 12's future is in serious jeopardy. In such a scenario, it's clear that schools like Texas and Oklahoma, which have desirable football programs, would land in other major conferences. But what about the rest of the schools?

Here's what we think will happen if the Big 12 collapses.

Texas, Texas Tech, Kansas, Kansas State --> Pac-16

Texas is the major lynchpin, and if the Longhorns decide they're done with the Big 12, the league will fold. We don't think Texas would want to compete for supremacy in the Big Ten (Ohio State, Michigan) or the SEC (Alabama, LSU, Florida), so we assume they'd head west and make the Pac-12 a super league.

Texas would bring fellow state school Texas Tech and the duo of Kansas and Kansas State. Why? Oklahoma likely won't want to continue playing second fiddle to Texas. Oklahoma State will likely be tied to OU. The Jayhawks and Wildcats are the next-best options.

Oklahoma, Oklahoma State --> SEC

If Oklahoma doesn't go west with the Longhorns, they'll likely go east and join the SEC.

Would the SEC take both Oklahoma and Oklahoma State to round out its roster to 16? We think so. They'd need to realign the divisions, but it's doable. Doesn't Oklahoma feel like an SEC school anyway?

Baylor, TCU, Iowa State, West Virginia --> New Conference

The four schools left over likely won't be courted by the Pac-16, the Big Ten, the ACC or the SEC. They'd likely band together to create a new conference. They'd also likely grab other top mid-tier schools to round it out.

Baylor and TCU, while good programs, don't have the clout to force themselves into the SEC or the Pac-16. Iowa State to the Big Ten makes sense geographically, but we can't see the league being interested given the market. And it's clear that the Big Ten and the ACC aren't interested in West Virginia.

Of course, these moves would set off another round of conference realignment - and it likely wouldn't just be limited to Big 12 schools.