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Who Is Joy In The Verizon Commercials?

Joy in the Verizon commercial.

Meet the woman who plays Joy in the Verizon commercials you see every day.

If you watch ESPN - or pretty much any other channel - you've likely seen the new Verizon commercial that features a woman named Joy celebrating her favorite team scoring as she watches on her phone. So, who is this Joy in the Verizon commercials? Joy, it turns out, is an actress named Britt Lower. Lower, who is 32 years old, can be seen in Man Seeking Woman and Unforgettable. She's actually been featured in over a dozen programs of films, dating back to 2010. Joy stars in the commercial with Thomas Middleditch of HBO's Silicon Valley. The two have been featured in a number of Verizon's commercials - the latest being the one below, which takes place in an airport.

Does Lower look familiar? Last year, she scored a role in Future Man, which debuted on Hulu in November.

Here's more about her role:

Lower will play Jeri, a co-worker who Josh has been crushing on from afar for years. She's smart and beautiful, but it's only when Josh works up the courage to talk to her that he realizes she's also a bit of a weirdo, with an oddball sense of humor that might match perfectly with his own.

Here are some more photos of Lower, straight from her Instagram account.

Lower also appears to be an artist. She describes the motivation for her work on her website. "Britt Lower is an artist who uses performance, body art, and public space to connect people through shared experience. She began face painting in high school with her mother (known as The Zoo Lady) at various festivals in the midwest. While studying art at Northwestern University, she was introduced to relational aesthetics by her mentor, Michael Rakowitz. Inspired by happenings of the 60s, she began combining face painting and performance art."

You can read more about Lower here.