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Who Is The Olympian In The Hershey's Gold Commercial?

Apolo Ohno in a Hershey's commercial.

A bunch of new commercials are airing on NBC during the Winter Olympics. One of them features a former United States star.

A new commercial for Hershey's Gold, a "mix buttery-sweet creme with crunchy bits of pretzel and peanuts for a rich new taste and texture," features Apolo Ohno. The 35-year-old former Olympian is one of the most-accomplished speed skaters of all-time.

Ohno, a Seattle native, is a two-time Winter Olympics gold medalist. He won the gold in the 1500m at the 2002 Games in Salt Lake City. He took home the gold in the 500m at the 2006 Games in Turin.

The legendary speed skater has won eight Olympic medals overall. He has two silver medals and four bronze medals, most recently winning a silver and two bronzes at the 2010 Games in Vancouver.

Ohno is featured in two new commercials for Hershey's Gold. He's part of their “It’s Not Chocolate, It’s Gold” campaign.

Hershey's Gold is just the fourth candy bar in the Hershey name in the company's history.

The candy bar, a "a chocolate-less, textured confection that combines sweet (buttery cream) and salty (crunchy bits of pretzel and peanuts)," is the first new candy bar from Hershey in 22 years. The last one? Cookies' N Cream.

The Hershey Company has reportedly signed a five-year deal with the Olympics. It started in 2015.

The deal will cover/has covered the games in Rio, Pyeongchang and Tokyo (2020). The company says it will be tweeting a link for a Hershey's Gold coupon every time the United States wins a gold medal.