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Who Sings The Theme Song For ESPN's First Take?

Wale, who wrote the theme song for First Take joins the show.

If you're one of the many people who starts their day with Stephen A. Smith screaming into a microphone on ESPN's First Take then you've probably heard the remix to "Every Word Great" by Wale. The song, which plays at the start of every show, was originally recorded before Max Kellerman replaced Skip Bayless in 2016, but ESPN still uses it to this day.

While "Every Word Great" is listened to by thousands of people on a daily basis, it most certainly isn't Wale's most recognized song (according to the Billboard Hot 100 it's not even in Wale's Top 20). While Wale is most known for his rap music, he actually does have a major tie to sports.

Wale, previously known as Olubowale Victor Akintimehin, played running back for both Robert Morris and Virginia State but eventually dropped out of school after a transfer to Bowie State was upheld.

While we can't seem to find his college football stats online, Wale often references his football career in his music. He raps about football in a bunch of his songs but his most notable references to his career as an RB come in "Running Back" and "Barry Sanders."

Wale played football for two different universities but eventually dropped out of school.

You can check out Wale's First Take theme song below:

Wale also references Lane Kiffin, Len Bias, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Penn State football, Michael Olawakandi, Mike Bibby, Vlade Divac, Kobe and many more in just one song (Barry Sanders).

Some of the lyrics in this song are a bit NSFW, so beware of who you're listening around, but here is Wale's sports-heavy song "Barry Sanders."

Wale's First Take Edition of "Every Word Great" is a staple in a lot of sports fan's lives so it's no surprise that ESPN has renewed the show's theme song year-after-year.