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Here's Why Mike & Mike Are Splitting Up

We've all heard by now that Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic won't be working together in just a few months. But why is it happening?

Well, let's first take a look at exactly what's happening. Mike & Mike is scheduled to run through the rest of 2017. In 2018, Mike Greenberg will be getting his own morning show - on television - while Mike Golic will be teaming up with his son and Trey Wingo for a new radio show.

Here's more on Greenberg's new show, via Awful Announcing. 

Show elements, per ESPN, are “currently in development.” The WWL is promising “several co-hosts,” a “rotation of various guests and expert contributors,” and a “lively mix of news, opinions, and analysis.” ESPN senior VP Connor Schell says the goal is “to create something truly unique with Mike.”

One thing here is obvious - the Worldwide Leader sees Greenberg as the more versatile talent. Greenberg will be getting a three-hour television show in New York City that essentially replaces SportsCenter in the morning. Which brings us to the other main reason.

SportsCenter - at least in the morning - is dead. ESPN needs to figure out how to effectively replace it. Greenberg's show will reportedly have elements of it - but it won't be what it was. So ESPN is replacing its flagship morning show with a show based around what it considers one of its best talents.

Mike and Mike on their ESPN set.


What's unclear about the breakup? Whether any kind of strain on the relationship between Greenberg and Golic contributed to the decision.

It's clear that since the plan has been in the works, Greenberg and Golic have begun to drift apart. This week, there were reports that the two aren't even speaking to each other during commercial breaks.

Multiple ESPN staffers, including current and former employees who have had roles with the show, told last week that the once-warm relationship between partners Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic has turned icy over the last year, prompting a number of ESPNers to predict that the show will conclude long before this December’s contractual end. The sources said Greenberg and Golic are not talking to each other off the set—and hardly at all before the show or during commercial breaks.

But it's unclear whether the two had been having trouble getting along before that.

The bottom line here? ESPN is always evolving, and while Mike & Mike has been a successful show for nearly two decades, the network has made a decision that it thinks will benefit it long-term. We'll know a year from now whether it was the right move.