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Why ESPN Might've Photoshopped Tiger Woods' Mugshot

A mugshot of Tiger Woods on ESPN.

It looked like the Worldwide Leader might have photoshopped Tiger Woods' mugshot.

ESPN was accused by some of photoshopping Tiger Woods' mugshot on SportsCenter on Monday.

Woods' unedited mugshot was shown all over ESPN yesterday, but his face looked edited in the top-left corner of SportsCenter's rundown list.

Here's what it looked like:

As you can see, Woods' hair looked better on SportsCenter than it did in the mugshot.

What's up with that?

Well, as pointed out by Business Insider's Cork Gaines, it probably was just a result of some sloppy editing.

ESPN likely used the "lasso" tool in Photoshop to cut Woods' head out of the mugshot to put it on a cleaner background for SportsCenter. When doing this, the wispy hairs atop Woods' head likely were left behind.

From Business Insider:

So, ESPN's altered Woods' mugshot probably is not some big conspiracy.