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Here's Why Marcellus Wiley Is Leaving ESPN After This Week

Marcellus wiley and charissa thompson on the set of SportsNation.

This week, one of ESPN's longest-tenured employees is leaving the network. Marcellus Wiley, who has been with the Worldwide Leader for the past 11 years, is moving on. Why? He appears to have gotten a better offer to go over to FOX Sports.

Wiley is one of the hosts of SportsNation at the moment - with Cari Champion and L.Z. Granderson. Wiley also regularly appears on a number of other programs with the network - and hosts his own radio show. He's one of the company's top talents, which makes his departure all the more odd.

Wiley, this week, celebrated his time at ESPN with a photo on Instagram. He appears to have cherished his time with the network, even if he's moving on.

Wiley's final day will likely be Friday. He will reemerge on FOX Sports 1 soon opposite Jason Whitlock, who also left ESPN for FOX Sports a few years ago. He'll be part of Speak For Yourself moving forward.

Wiley, before joining ESPN, was a 10-year NFL veteran. In his career, he played for the Buffalo Bills, the San Diego Chargers, the Dallas Cowboys and the Jacksonville Jaguars. His other claim to fame - if you want to call it that - is that he's a huge Los Angeles Clippers fan.

It'll be interesting to see how Wiley fits in with the other former ESPNers over at FOX Sports.

It's unclear at the moment when Wiley will make his debut for his new network.