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Why Michelle Beadle Is Leaving ESPN's "Get Up!"

A close up picture of Michelle Beadle.


Michelle Beadle is leaving ESPN's Get Up! morning show just a couple of months after the show debuted. Beadle has been co-hosting the very-hyped new show with Mike Greenberg and Jalen Rose.

Much was made of Get Up!'s debut - it airs from a lavish downtown New York studio and the salaries for the three co-hosts reportedly adds up to about $15 million - but so far, it hasn't come close to living up to the hype.

The most attention the show has received, arguably, came after Beadle announced last week that she was no longer watching football. These comments came a couple of days after ESPN announced a new football-centric guest host list for Get Up!'s fall schedule.

On Friday, we reported that major changes were coming to to the show. Later that day, ESPN confirmed the news.

Beadle is leaving the show. She will headline a new program for the Worldwide Leader titled NBA After The Buzzer. The show will broadcast from ESPN’s L.A. office and feature the current NBA Countdown crew of Beadle, Jalen, Paul Pierce and Chauncey Billups. She'll be moving back to Los Angeles.

Here's the full release from ESPN:

As a result of the launch of NBA After The Buzzer and the NBA Countdown move, Michelle Beadle has extended her contract with ESPN and will return to Los Angeles to focus on the NBA. She will no longer serve as a host of the ESPN weekday morning show Get Up! and her last show will be Aug. 29. Beadle is entering her third season as the host of NBA Countdown along with analysts Jalen RoseChauncey Billups and Paul Pierce. She will also continue to host NBA studio coverage on Christmas, and throughout the NBA Playoffs and the NBA Finals.

Beadle's final Get Up! show is Wednesday morning. Moving forward, the show will air from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. E.T. on ESPN.