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Why The NFL Isn't Letting Mike Tirico Call 'Thursday Night Football' For NBC

Mike Tirico with Jon Gruden on Monday Night Football.


Mike Tirico was supposed to be calling Thursday Night Football for NBC. It doesn't look like that'll be happening.

Mike Tirico, 49, left ESPN, in part, with the assumption that he would be calling NBC's Thursday Night Football game.

The NFL isn't going to let that happen, though.

This was first reported by the Daily News:

With that in mind, NBC Sports execs asked their NFL partners if they could use Tirico instead of Michaels on “TNF.” NBC made the case it was bringing in Tirico, a high caliber, high quality yakker, who was the voice of an NFL primetime package for 10 seasons. And it wasn’t like the NFL’s broadcast division wasn’t familiar with Tirico’s work.

Still, the NFL wasn’t impressed, sources said, and nixed the Tirico option.

Instead of Tirico, it will be Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth, who already do Sunday Night Football for NBC, calling TNF.

The NFL released a statement on the matter, saying they told NBC they wanted the same crew to do SNF and TNF when they got the rights to the Thursday games.

Here's the statement:

">August 20, 2016

Tirico called Monday Night Football during his time at ESPN.