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Wife Of Former Star NFL QB's Comment About Their Sex Life Is Going Viral

Kristin Cavallari drinking a glass of wine on the beach in mexico.

For those who aren't reality TV followers, former star NFL quarterback Jay Cutler is the genre's newest star. Seriously.

The quarterback's wife, Kristin Cavallari, has a new show on E! called "Very Cavallari."

The show details Kristin's life and her evolving business in Nashville, Tenn. The best part of the show, though, is anytime Jay is on screen.

It's awesome.

On a recent episode, Kristin was talking about her and Jay's sex life with a friend. Unsurprisingly, the comments have gone viral.

From The Ringer:

“The sex is the best it’s ever been,” Kristin tells her L.A. friend over delivery sushi. “He apparently read some article on GQ about how to go down on a girl … It’s been a game changer.” She then adds, “Yeah, like every time,” without being prompted in any manner, just so we all know the frequency with which Jay Cutler performs oral sex.

Well, good for Jay.

You can follow her on Instagram here.