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Will There Be A 'Billion Dollar Bracket' For This Year's NCAA Tournament?

Two years ago, billionaire Warren Buffet took the college basketball world by storm, teaming up with Quicken Loans to run a 'billion dollar bracket' challenge for fans. The catch? To win the billion, you didn't just have to win the competition - no, you had to get every single game correct. The odds of that are absurd, for the record.

Last year, it was announced that Buffet, due to legal complications, would not be bringing back the event. And it looks like again in 2016, we won't be given the opportunity either. But that doesn't mean Buffet is staying on the sidelines.

Last month, it was announced that Buffet would be running a competition for employees of his companies. Anyone who can get every game in the first two rounds correct (1 in 281.5 trillion) will get $1 million per year, for life. It isn't a billion dollars, but it's still pretty great.

No, you probably weren't going to pick a perfect bracket anyway. But it'd have been fun to dream about, right?